District Fraud Hotline

It is the policy of the Board of Education of Uintah School District to be accountable to education stakeholders and strive to ensure public trust and confidence that district resources are appropriately managed and safeguarded.

The Uintah School District Hotline, in coordination with the Utah State Board of Education Internal Audit Department, provides an avenue for education stakeholders (e.g., citizens, employees, contractors) to report:

● Suspected financial improprieties or violations of (i) laws or applicable regulations

● Waste or misuse of district funds or resources

● Gross mismanagement

● Abuse of authority

● Unethical conduct

● Constructive suggestions for improving the district regarding financial-related matters, internal controls, or compliance.

The hotline coordinates the efforts of existing resources and public education governance structures to ensure efficient and effective consideration of concerns, while mitigating potential duplication of efforts (Utah Code § 67-21-3; 63G-2-305)


Complaints may be submitted through any of the following avenues:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 801-538-7813

Mail: Director of Internal Audit
Utah State Board of Education
PO Box 144200
250 East 500 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4200

In-Person: By visiting the offices of the Internal Audit Department at the Utah State Board of Education (see address above).

Direct webpage submission: Report Fraud, Waste, or Abuse Form tab at https://schools.utah.gov/internalaudit

Consider including the following information with your concerns:

1. Description of the suspected violation(s).

2. The name of the employee(s) involved.

3. The school, division, and location where the action occurred.

4. The date(s) the action occurred.

5. Any other details that may be important for the investigation – other witnesses, evidence, documents, dollar amounts, time period, etc.

6. Specific law or regulation that has been violated, if known.

7. Your name, address, email, and phone number, although personally identifiable information is not required (i.e., you may report anonymously). If you elect to provide personally identifiable information, you may still choose to keep your information confidential (see Confidentiality below).


Utah Code § 67-21-3 prohibits public employers from taking adverse action against their employees for reporting government waste or violations of law in good faith, to the appropriate authorities.

A school district employee is presumed to have communicated in good faith if they have given written notice or otherwise formally communicated the conduct to a governing or management body or audit office as outlined in Utah Code § 67-21-3(1)(b)(iv) and (vi).

Whistleblower protections do not apply to anonymous complaints.


The identity of the complainant is considered protected information under the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) and will be kept confidential if requested by the complainant and to the extent allowed by law. (See Utah Code § 63G-2-305).

Complaints may be submitted anonymously to the hotline; however, it is preferable that the complainant provide their name and contact information to allow for follow-up questions.
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No district employee or student shall be subjected to discrimination in employment or any district program or activity on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status. The district is committed to providing equal access and equal opportunity in its programs, services and employment including its policies, complaint processes, program accessibility, district facility use, accommodations and other Equal Employment Opportunity matters. The district also provides equal access to district facilities for all youth groups. The following persons have been designated as Title IX coordinators to handle inquires and complaints regarding unlawful discrimination, harassment, and retaliation: Dr. Mistalyn Leis, Human Resources Director (435) 781-3100. You may also contact the Office for Civil Rights, Denver, CO, at (303) 844-5695.