Credit Through Demonstrated Competence


Utah State Board of Education rule R277-705-3C requires school districts to provide students with the opportunity to earn credit by demonstrating competency.

Demonstrated Competency Assessments

Demonstrated Competency Assessments allow students to demonstrate knowledge and skills they have acquired in various subject areas without taking a specific class or course. Such assessments are available to all high school students and can be completed any time in their high school career. Students earn required or elective credits towards high school graduation for successful completion of Demonstrated Competency Assessments. Students desiring more information on Demonstrated Competency Assessments should discuss them with their high school counselor during the SEOP process.


Available Competency Assessments

Currently assessments are available which allow students to demonstrate competency in the following courses:

  • Geography for Life
  • U.S. Government & Citizenship
  • Earth Systems
  • Biology
  • Algebra I
  • General Financial Literacy
  • Computer Technology
  • Fitness for Life
  • World Languages


Important Facts About Demonstrated Competency Assessments

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  • Students can take Demonstrated Competency Assessments at any time during their high school career.
    " Students can earn required or elective credit depending on the course to which the assessment is tied.
  • Students may use Demonstrated Competency Assessments to accelerate their education.
  • The student is responsible for acquiring and retaining the content knowledge and skills required to pass any Demonstrated Competency Assessment.
  • Demonstrated Competency Assessments will generate either .5 or 1.0 credit depending on the course to which the assessment is tied. A one semester course generates .5 credit; A two semester (full year) course generates 1.0 credit.
  • A non-refundable fee of up to $85 will be charged for each assessment.
  • Students must submit a written request for Demonstrated Competency Assessments to their school counselor.
  • Each assessment may be taken only once per school year.
  • No citizenship credit will be awarded for passing a Demonstrated Competency Assessment
  • No letter grades will be awarded to students for passing a Demonstrated Competency Assessment. Students will receive a "P" (pass) only.
  • Assessments must be scheduled far enough in advance of high school graduation that they can be completed, scored and credit verified no later than 30 days before graduation. (See Uintah School District policy 006.0060 section 8.0


What DoI Do To Take A Demonstrated Competency Assessment?

  • Meet with your high school counselor and complete the "Student Application for Demonstrated Competency Assessment."
  • Have your counselor, school administrator and parent sign the form.
  • Take the signed form (all three copies) to the curriculum office, located at the Uintah School District office, along with a picture ID.
  • Pay the test registration fee at the Uintah School District office.
    Schedule a time to take the test (must be scheduled 15 days in advance).
  • All Demonstrated Competency Assessments must be taken at the district office.
  • On the day of the test plan to arrive 10 minutes early and stay two hours to complete the test. Most tests have more than one section and require a second appointment to complete.
  • Test results are mailed to you and your school counselor once results have been determined. (Allow three weeks for test results.



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