School Responsibiliy

  1. Establish an ALS team.
  2. Notify the district office of team leader's name.
  3. Assign one or more staff members to receive training in administering the IPT test to ELL students. Training is available on the internet at .
  4. Ensure that each student enrolled in the school has a completed Home Language Survey in their permanent file.
  5. Ensure that school tester(s) evaluate, using the IPT test, any new ELL students within two weeks of their enrollment in school. Results of this test should be reported to Ruth at the district office. She will maintain a database of all ELL students throughout the district and track their progress toward English.
  6. Ensure the school ALS team establishes a placement and staffing pattern that will best help the student become competent in oral, reading and written English based on the IPT evaluation and student needs.
  7. Ensure that all ALS funds allotted to the school are used to serve only appropriately identified ELL students.
  8. Send written notice to parents within two weeks of the beginning of ELL service informing them the school plans to serve their child with ALS services and advising them of their right to refuse services.
  9. Send written communication to parents in the language which the parents can best comprehend (generally parents first language) if at all possible.
  10. Ensure that all ELL students in the school are tested each year during the regularly established ALS testing window at the end of the school year.
  11. Ensure that the school ALS team forwards the results of year end testing to Ruth at the district office.
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